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As a guest of the Scoop on Miami, you'll experience working with top professionals with the latest cinematic cameras and gear that produces a high quality 4K episode of your business.  The following is an outline of the day of the shooting and what to expect.  You can always call us with any questions.

  • We begin with a sit-down interview with the owner, founder, manager, or a selected spokesperson for your brand.

  • We ask a series of 6-8 questions regarding your story, concept, local suppliers or farm fresh sourcing, etc. Approx. 15-20 Min

  • We film B-Roll of the interior and exterior in a tasteful manner using engaging techniques to keep the audience interest. Approx. 30 Min

  • We film the chef/Interview in the kitchen while he/she prepares two signature dishes. Approx. 15--30 Min

  • We film extreme closeups of food plating and prep. Approx. 15 Min

  • We then taste the two dishes on camera in the dining room with a detailed review all positive of the flavors of the food. Approx 15-20 Min

  • We film a 30 sec promo to promote the upcoming show.

  • Total time at the business 2 Hours Give or take as we are very conscious of your time.

  • With certain establishments we visit twice, early for the prep, then again on the scheduled interview time.

  • We provide you with a copy of the promo and episode for you to use as you please.

  • We pay to boost each promo and episode to increase the viewership.

  • Video version of the program airs on IGTV, FaceBook, YOUTUBE,

  • Audio version of the podcast airs on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and everywhere you listen to your favorite podcast.

  • Increase your viewership by reposting the audio and video files on your social media platforms.

  • To increase your customers from this free experience, offer a discount coupon or special that we can promote during and after the program.

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